Freund Plumbing & Heating proudly serves the Denver Metro and surrounding areas, as well as our surrounding states of Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.

Commercial & Industrial

We have worked with a wide variety of customers to suit their needs including building owners, small manufacturing firms, hospitals, car dealerships, municipal buildings, and office buildings.

Multi-Family Plumbing

A long-standing element of which we have experience. Delivering on a vast range of projects from Du / Tri-plex buildings to large-scale Apartment Communities, we are comfortable with any scale of a project.

Medical Gas

Medical gas is in hospitals and most other healthcare facilities, which is why we are committed to quality and patient safety. We know our customers expect the highest quality medical gases and equipment — and that's what we deliver.


Keeping in mind design while we build, we make sure they work hand-in-hand when developing the perfectly executed plan for every client, regardless of size or uniqueness of the project.


We take down and away what you no longer need. From dismantling structures and buildings, removing hazardous materials, and carrying out salvage operations - We're your team!

Boiler Installation

Specializing in repairing, retrofitting and installing boilers and hot water heating systems for residences, apartment buildings, condominiums and commercial properties.

Within the industry, we are the experts for piping a system for all shapes sizes and situations in conveying fluids safely and efficiently.

Alternate Energy Sources

Install, test and perfect the use of renewable energy. An energy source that is derived from solar, wind, geothermal or hydroelectric action to help better our world.


FPH uses heavy equipment such as backhoes and bulldozers to dig, remove and relocate dirt and land so various types of projects can be constructed. These can be residential, commercial, utilities or infrastructure.

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